"If people want to hate me, I can't stop them. But it's not going to stop me from doing my job. You wanna know why? Because I'm awesome."

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Rex Salazar is the titular character of the American cartoon Generator Rex.  Rex is an EVO (aka mutant) who can control his nanites that make him an EVO, rather than them turning him into a monster like most EVOs.  This makes him the secret weapon of Providence, an organization started to fight EVOs.  His nanites give him many technology based powers. Rex is low Mid Tier.   

Rex Salazar Edit

Destructive Power Feats: Edit

Floored a kaiju the size of s skyscraper with a gravity assisted punch [1], then KOed it with his Slam Cannon.[2]

  Shook a suspension bridge.[3]

  Sent a building sized EVO flying.[4]

  Did the same to Humungousaur.[5]

Speed Feats: Edit

Keeps up with Agent Six,[6][7] who can move at a blur,[8] dodge point blank gunshots [9] and deflect automatic fire.[10](Six was morals off while Rex was holding back).

Reacts to close range missiles.[11][12]

Can fly as fast as jets.[13]

Strength Feats: Edit

Lifted a bus.[14]

Jumped to cloud level.[15]

Stopped a train.[16]

Stopped an out of control space elevator.[17]

Durability Feats: Edit

Brushed off being crushed by a shipping container.[18]

Tanked being smashed through stone pillars.[19]

Unharmed by being blown through a building and a point blank missile.[20]

More missile tanking.[21]

Tanked a punch from Humungousaur,[22] who is comparable to Rex in strength.[23]

    Tanked a lightning bolt.[24]

    Withstood the G-forces of a space elevator,[25] which moves fast enough to reach orbit in under a minute.   

  • Block Party: Tanks hits from Humungousaur[26] and the Consortium Robot.[27] Deflects a laser [28] that destroys things on a molecular level.[29]  

Stamina Feats: Edit

Range Feats: Edit

His builds are much larger than his regular limbs, giving him a few more feet of range. His Slam Cannon can hit kaiju in the face from the ground a short distance away.

Intellligence Feats: Edit

Aced an advanced trigonometry test despite never having gone to school since he was around 10 years old.

Can "see" calculations in his head.[30]

Powers, Abilities, and Gear: Edit

Rex's main power are his "builds," mechanical weapons and tools that grow out of his body. They are made of metal, and can be destroyed without harm to Rex. The builds don't damage the clothes Rex is wearing when he makes them, even when used in a space suit. He can create two different builds at once, as long as they don't need the same part of his body. The builds include:

  • Smack Hands: Giant fists that grant him super strength. They can spin to let him dig through the ground or increase damage.
    Smack Hands
  • Punk Busters: Giant boots that increase Rex's leg strength and allow him to jump large distances.
    Punk Busters
  • Big Fat Sword (BFS): A gigantic sword capable of cutting through stone and metal. It can be spun into a buzz saw.
    Rex's big fat sword (BFS)
  • Slam Cannon: Rex's main ranged build. It crushes rubble from behind Rex and launches it as a projectile. It can also launch things without crushing them, such as barrels and even people.
    Rex's Slam Cannon
  • Boogie Pack: A pair of large turbines on Rex's back that lets him fly. They can launch bolas and grappling hooks as well. Rex can use them offensively to create powerful winds.
    Boogie pack
  • Rex Ride: A hovercycle Rex forms on his legs. It has a battering ram on the front.
    Rex ride
  • Blast Caster: A large black whip that Rex can use to smack opponents or wrap them up. It can release electrical shocks as well
    Rex's blast caster
  • Fun Chucks: Large glowing blue nun chucks on Rex's arms. He can spin them to gain momentum, and release energy pulses by slamming them together.
  • Bad Axes: Large ax builds with energized blades. They can cut through jets.
    Rex Battle Axes
  • Block Party: Blue energy shields made of energized atoms. Can block physical hits and deflect energy attacks
    Block party
  • Sky Slider: A hoverboard built on Rex's feet. Often used for midair combat.

Rex also possesses technopathy. Through touch, he can manipulate machines and electronics, fix them, or shut them down. This even applies to small physical issues, such as a loose wire. He can access machines through walls and floor as well.

Rex's nanites automatically protect him from threats. They can nullify poisons and gasses used against him, and automatically shut down any trackers placed on him. They can even restart his heart should it stop. His Omega-1 Nanite can create regular nanites, giving him a potentially infinite supply

Rex's goggles can give him infrared, microscopic, x-ray, and nano vision.[31][32]

Weaknesses: His speed is mediocre in Mid. Exhaustion can make it difficulty to use his powers and keep his builds together. Extreme stress can cause this as well, such as a shapeshifter playing mind games with him.[33]

Other Feats: Edit

His nanites nullify deadly venom [34]

Technopathy can shut down robots [35]

His technopathy can shut down machinery through walls and floors.[36][37] It also goes through an entire military base

His technopathy can go from one system to another, such as opening a locked door through a camera [38]

Takes control of a large airship twice [39][40]

Rex's technopathy can even fix "low tech" problems, like a loose wire [41]

Rex can alter AIs, such as making changes to RoboBobo's personality.[42]

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