“The ultimate being embodies the powers of each and every living thing, all lives gather as one. And… How beautiful it shines! Truly the most wonderful thing I have ever beheld… I have finally, finally tamed the sun!”

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Kars is the leader of the Pillar Men and the main antagonist of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 2: Battle Tendency. Born nearly 100,000 years before World War II, Kars is a Pillar Man, an ancient species superior to humans, but killed by the sun. Kars theorized that his body had much more potential than what he was currently capable of. Seeking to unlock this potential and conquer the sun, he created the Stone Masks. Although the Masks turned humans into Vampires, they did not penetrate deeply enough into Kars, only marginally increasing his abilities. When confronted by the rest of his race, who were scared by his actions, he slaughtered all but his ally Esidisi and two infants, Wamuu and Santana. He soon found out that a Super Aja stone was needed to fully awaken his potential, and leaving Santana behind, they crossed the Atlantic to find one. Encountering a tribe of Hamon (aka Ripple) users, they slaughtered the tribe and went into hibernation beneath the Roman Colosseum.

The Pillar Men were awakened in 1939, and came into conflict with Joseph Joestar and his allies over the Red Stone of Aja. Although Wamuu and Esidisi were killed by Jojo, Kars successfully obtained the Red Stone and used it with the Stone Mask, becoming the ultimate life form. He used his new power to try and kill Jojo, and nearly succeeded. However, Jojo tricked him into starting a volcanic eruption, blasting him into outer space. Unable to move or return to Earth, Kars went brain dead, and is trapped in the void for eternity.

Kars fits in the Inbetweener Tier. Although his stats aren't very impressive for the tier, with the exception of speed, he has regeneration, and his absorption ability lets him hardcounter characters who depend on hand to hand combat.

Ultimate Kars is Low Mid Tier. Although his stats don't change very much, he gains a variety of new powers, such as flight, life creation, Hamon, shapeshifting, and increased regeneration.

Kars Edit

Kars before he becomes the Ultimate Life Form. He is High-Peak Inbetweener

Destructive Power Feats: Edit

Cuts through a cyborg in one slice.[1]

Cuts through armor-piercing bullets. [2]

Stronger than a fodder vampire, which can demolish the side of a building with a single punch from a damaged hand.[3]

Speed Feats: Edit

Cuts through machine gun fire.[4]

Moves FTE to three Vampires and slices them apart.[5]

FTE cuts off the arms of someone in a moving car. The victim doesn't notice.[6][7]

Strength Feats: Edit

A single punch ricochets him around a canyon.[8]

Durabilty Feats: Edit

Brushes off a fall from a cliff as tall as a skyscraper, and his own ricocheted landing.[9]

Withstand being blasted through a wall by armor piercing machine gun fire.[10]

Intelligence Feats: Edit

Predicts that Jojo will attempt to kick him, and avoids it while still catching the Red Stone they're chasing.[11][12]

Predicts that Jojo will try to attack through his Bone Blade.[13][14]

Plays dead and tricks his enemies into blasting him with UV rays, letting him become the Ultimate Life Form.[15][16][17]

Powers, Abilities and Gear: Edit

Pillar Man Physiology- As a Pillar Man, Kars has control over his own body, and can consume other life through physical contact. This is due to each of their cells secreting a digestive enzyme, letting Pillar Men "fuse" with an opponent and dissolve their body.[18] This can be done on casual contact, as demonstrated by Wamuu.[19] His physiology also gives Kars regeneration.

Light Mode- Kars has blades stored in his forearms and his legs. The chainsaw-like serrated cutters on the edges reflect light, making them appear to glow. These Brilliant Bone Blades can easily cut through flesh and metal.

Heat Sensing- Kars can sense body heat to determine the location of out of sight enemies, even telling what gender they are.

Weaknesses: Edit

The sun is deadly to Kars, and can kill him if exposed. Although other Pillar Men have briefly withstood UV rays, prolonged exposure will kill them

Since it's energy is near identical to sunlight, Hamon is also deadly to Kars. He cannot use absorbtion on a Hamon user, since his cells recognize the Hamon in theirs as a threat.

Other Feats: Edit

Absorbs three Vampires through his Blades.[20]

Senses body heat through a wall and kills five men with one attack.[21]

Ultimate Kars Edit

Kars after he obtains the Red Stone of Aja and becomes the Ultimate Life Form. He is now immune to the Sun and Hamon, even capable of using the later.

Destructive Power Feats: Edit

His Hamon is supposedly one hundred times more powerful than Jojo's; while normal Hamon will only knock a person out without harming them, Kars' instantly melts human flesh and begins to vaporize it.[22][23]

When considerably amped by the Red Stone of Aja, Kars' Hamon causes a massive volcanic eruption.[24]

Speed Feats: Edit

According to narration, Kars could've dodged rocks moving close to escape velocity (Mach 32) had he not been distracted.[25] As a statement, it's possibly an outlier.

Strength Feats: Edit

Digs through several meters of volcanic rock with a punch barrage.[26]

Durability Feats: Edit

Kars can create "armadillo armor" capable of no selling automatic fire from a German warplane.[27] They can also be fired as projectiles.

Kars gets hit by a crashing plane and quickly recovers.[28]

A crashing plane pushes Kars into a volcano and explodes.[29][30] Kars survives

Kars survives being submerged in magma temporarily.[31]

Kars is hit by volcanic rocks moving close to escape velocity.[32][33] Although they push him back, he's not seriously injured.

Stamina Feats: Edit

Flies from Switzerland to Southern Italy without tiring.

His Ultimate Life Form bio states that sleep is unnecessary, and that he can survive a year without food or water[34]

Range Feats: Edit

His shell projectiles hit a German warplane.[35]

Inteligence Feats: Edit

Creates a layer of air bubbles to protect him from magma.[36][37]

Figures out how to use Hamon, despite never having used it and having absolutely no training.

His Ultimate Life Form bio says he has an IQ of 400.

Powers, Abilities and Gear: Edit

In addition to his former abilities, Kars gains a variety of new powers as the Ultimate Life Form

Ultimate Kars bio

Shapeshifting- Kars' cells store the genetic memory of Earth's evolutionary history. This lets him shapeshift on a cellular level to any life form. He can grow wings to fly, armor to protect himself, etc. He can even spawn separate organisms from his body that he can control, such as a squirrel or piranhas. The animals Kars spawns are much stronger than their natural counterparts. He has complete control over everything he creates, such as turning his own feather projectiles into piranhas once they were stuck in Jojo's plane. With the abilities of all life, he can likely use echolocation and produce poisons and venom.

Regeneration- Kars' regeneration is increased as the Ultimate Life Form, to the point where he can briefly survive drowning in lava. His bio states that he can heal from any wound.

Enhanced Senses- In addition to being able to sense heat, Kars can detect air pressure as well. He can hear far beyond the human limitations (things as low as whale sounds and as high as bat echolocation), and his eyesight is compared to a space telescope.

Hamon- Since he is now immune (or at least as resistant as humans) to Hamon, Kars can use the Ripple. The energy is similar to sunlight, and is produced in the bloodstream by proper breathing. It can be conducted through solid objects, although metal and liquids work the best. Hamon is deadly to Vampires, Zombies, and other undead, but usually only knocks out humans. Kars' Hamon, however, is strong enough to melt human flesh as if they were a Vampire.

Weaknesses: Edit

While Ultimate Kars is no longer weak to sunlight or Hamon, he much more cocky and less cautious.

Other Feats: Edit

A squirrel Kars made chews through steel and easily kills a Nazi.[38][39]

Kars' feathers turn into piranhas, which chew through steel.[40]

Feathers turn into an octopus which tears through the plane and stops the propeller.[41][42]

Kars is arguably the only villain in JJBA to achieve his ultimate goal.

Tips, Tricks, and Trivia Edit

While debating largely depends on which character you or your opponent have

Using Kars: Edit

Kars' abilities are ranked like this:

  1. Speed
  2. Hax
  3. Destructive Power
  4. Durability
  5. Strength

Kars' greatest advantage is his own physiology. Many Inbetweeners heavily rely on physical strikes and hand to hand combat, which Kars easily counters.

Many Inbetweeners also lack piercing/cutting durability, meaning Kars could easily damage them with his Brilliant Bone Blades. Combined with his great speed, Kars is a very good inbetweener.

Using Ultimate Kars: Edit

Ultimate Kars' abilities are ranked like this:

  1. Durability
  2. Hax
  3. Speed
  4. Destructive Power
  5. Strength

Ultimate Kars' best advantage in Mid Tier is his survivability. He is nigh impossible to put down. His absorption is still a good counter, and his blades still do damage.

A good strategy for Ultimate Kars is making dozens of Inbetweener level animals to overwelm an opponent, or take advantage of the lack of flight among many Mids.

It's a good idea to do real world research while using Kars; due to his abilities, knowing the most deadly animal venom or weird stuff animals or plants can do can be very useful.

Be wary of using Kars' Mach 32 reaction feat. Being a statement and the general consensus that Mach 10 is the fastest a Mid can be makes this feat likely an outlier.

Against Kars: Edit

Kars doesn't have many weaknesses in Inbetweener, since most of them wouldn't have access to sunlight. Any weapon or power using sunlight or UV rays would be effective against Kars. Kars' biggest weakness is his lack of range.

An Inbetweener with a lot of firepower, such as Harry Dresden or Static, has an advantage against him, provided they can avoid being blitzed.

Armored characters would also have an advantage against Kars. While Pillar Man absorption is shown to work through normal clothes, it has no precedent for getting through metal or other armor. This means armored opponents such as Durge or Black Panther can safely engage him in close combat.

A potential strategy is prolonging the fight until the sun rises and Kars is killed by it, but this aspect will often be "turned off" in the debate rules in the interest of fairness.

Against Ultimate Kars: Edit

Due to the nature of his character, Ultimate Kars has very few weaknesses, besides having very weak stats in Mid. His speed is now on the low end, and many Mids use weapons and hax, reducing the effectiveness of his absorption. While he now has ranged attacks, they're very weak, and he can still be countered by ranged firepower.

Ultimate Kars' biggest thing to worry about is Wanking. He is Wanked a lot. His most common Wank is:

  • "Kars can just copy their powers." While Kars has this ability in the non-canon light novel Jorge Joestar, he does not in canon. The closest he comes is when he used Hamon. This can be explained because A) Hamon is a technique that anyone can potentially use, provided they know how, and B) Kars has interacted with Hamon users many times, and is familiar with how it works. An Ultimate Kars wanker may say that he can copy natural abilities due to having the DNA of all life. They are forgetting that Kars is stated to have the genetic memory of Earth's evolutionary history. Therefore, he couldn't access the abilities of extraterrestrials such as Kryptonians. Even if he could, species like Martians or Mutants don't exist in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, so he would be unable to anyway.

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